Senayan Park


Senayan Park is a shopping center with a lifestyle mall concept. We also have an outdoor area where the area includes a lake, a town park and a promenade area that can be used for various activities. As a central hub located in downtown Jakarta, precisely in the Senayan area of Central Jakarta, Senayan Park consists of 70% F&B tenants, 20% entertainment tenants and 10% others. Senayan Park also has an outdoor area of 60% of the total area, where in that area there is a lake which is a visitor destination to enjoy the sunset in the middle of the city.

Senayan Park targets the millennial market, and with the presence of an outdoor area that reaches 60% of the land area, Senayan Park has a secondary target market, namely families. In contrast to development centers in general, Senayan Park is not only a place for shopping, but has other facilities that can be enjoyed by visitors such as the Dome, which is a function room with a semi-outdoor concept, Pulau Satu, which is an outdoor function area, and Promenade, which is an outdoor area that can be used for facilities such as sports and community. And the latest is Skywalk Rooftop, an area that can be enjoyed by visitors to see the beauty of the city of Jakarta from the Rofftop. In addition, as a shopping center, Senayan Park also has public facilities such as: prayer room, disabled toilet, disabled parking and nursery room.